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Want to collaborate with us in

God's Mission

in the world today?

Discipleship is all about collaborating with what God is already doing in the world.  If it is not about God, it is not about mission and therefore not about Discipleship.

Disciples of Christ is about collaborating with fellow Christians in Gospel ministry.  We strive to explore ways of enabling and resourcing Disciples for Kingdom work.  

In this we seek to provide resources - Bible Studies, Sunday pew sheet material, Zoom study groups, Sermon Notes and theological/spiritual essays.  We also accept invitations from parishes and Dioceses to spend time with local communities - preaching, teaching and in broad parish-type missions and retreats especially in the area of growing and planning mission communities.

If any of that sounds attractive to you, or you have some alternative areas you would like to explore - as an individual or in a group - send us an email.

Equally important in Mission Work is funding the resources and those producing these materials.  All funding and payments offered to the Disciples of Christ Inc is spent on the Charity and enabling its missionary activity.  All work is seen as being vocational and so offered to God as a spiritual sacrifice of praise.

Want to join us in this collaborative Missionary Ministry?

a.   Get onto our mailing list and make use of emailed materials and resources.

b.   Share that material  -  there are no restrictions on sharing and using widely.

c.   Pray for us and for our ministry that we may respond to God's Spirit.

d.   Invite us to come to your place and share with you in our common mission.

e.   Support us financially:

                 1.  Donate by direct donation - ISBN 

                 2.  Subscribe through monthly direct debits (contact us by email)