Hey! So Glad You're Here.

The Disciples of Christ was a charity I initiated soon after my resignation as Bishop of Ballarat. The suggestion was made by a friend of mine. He insisted I still had spiritual challenges to tackle and gifts to share with others. Hence the DOC was established.

The goal of DOC is to grow disciples of Christ through assisting believers in exploring the Bible, developing a rich and ever-growing personal spiritual life through the Bible, praying the Prayer of the Church (Breviary) and the regular reception of
the sacraments. Nothing new there. All traditional practices yes, but they have been tried and tested over two thousand years and continue to be of value today.

What that means in practice is that the site provides material for individual believers and faith communities, resources that will assist in their biblical, theological and spiritual growth. This is particularly designed for lone Christians and rural and
isolated parish communities for whom similar resources are beyond their financial resources.

This is a free site and everything on it can be copied and used in any way that furthers the Kingdom of God. Simple as that. It relies solely on donations. If people find it useful, I hope they might then consider collaborating in this mission through
financial contributions.

As it is with all missionary work, it continues to take shape, to more in differing directions as we engage with the needs of others. This is why there is an opportunity for people to respond and to make suggestions as they are led to enquire further about what the Spirit is saying to the Church.